Household Paper
                                                      ESTABLISHED IN 1998
                                                      Toilet Tissue
                                                      TOILET PAPER
                                                      Good Absorb-ability
                                                      Smooth Taking
                                                      Premium Tensile Strength
                                                      Excellent Wet Strength
                                                      Toilet Paper Roll
                                                      TOILET PAPER
                                                      Our mission is to be your first choice in the tissue paper supplier and provide superior service and value for those who wish to partner with us .

                                                      PRODUCT CATEGORY

                                                      Baoda Paper Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
                                                      JUMBO ROLL TISSUE
                                                      BOX FACIAL TISSUE
                                                      PAPER TOWEL
                                                      V/N FOLD PAPER TOWEL
                                                      KITCHEN TOWEL
                                                      POCKET TISSUE
                                                      TOILET PAPER

                                                      WHY CHOOSE BAODA

                                                      Baoda Paper Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

                                                      OUR EXPERIENCE

                                                      Established in 1998.Baoda Paper Enterprise Co.,Ltd is a professional tissue manufacturer covering more than 20,000 square maters.

                                                      HIGH QUALITY

                                                      For the quality of the products ,we will conduct strict checks Quality is our life.

                                                      CUSTOMER FIRST

                                                      Provide excellent and honest
                                                      service to customers.We are your best choice!

                                                      OUR TEAM

                                                      Our company have excellent team,advanced production equipment professional production lines.

                                                      ABOUT US

                                                      Baoda Paper Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
                                                      is a professional tissue manufacturer covering more than 20,000 squaren the last 20 years.
                                                      We have been engaged in providing best quality tissue to our domestic and oversea customers.Our capacity now reacharound 30 thousand ton per year. we have also obtained 1S09001:2018 to ensure the guality of products.
                                                      IN 1998
                                                      THE FACTORY COVERS
                                                      AN AREA OF LAND
                                                      THE ANNUAL OUTPUT
                                                      EXCEEDS 30000 TONS
                                                      Baoda Paper Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
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